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We love what we do | and we're good at it.

O.K., straight talk | to whatever degree that I might consider my efforts "successful," I must attribute to just one quality; I have the uncanny (and these days often rare) talent of being a good listener - That's basically it. 99.9% of the time, I can accurately interpret what my client may not always have the ability to effectively articulate. Once I clearly understand what you're trying to do, I know exactly what I need to do to help (period)

Strategy | Resources

I can be there to help with the initial strategy and plan of action. The setting of goals and objectives is the most important part of your plan's foundation. It is at this stage that you determine what resources will be required to put your idea and plan into action. The research, the budget and the timeline will all be determined at this stage. If you've already cleared those hurdles, I can meet you where ever you are.

Branding | Logistics

I can help with your corporate and brand identity or logo, your slogan, website, domain name and hosting service. I can help you with your social and digital media accounts, and understanding the difference and importance of each. I can help with promotional and collateral materials - everything from brochures, publication advertisements and product packaging to trade event resources like booths, banners, posters, cards and stationary as well as the printing. And finally, my specialty - web and product support, like, how-to videos, commercials and social media presentations.


Graphic design usually pertains to "static graphics" like brochures, posters, collateral materials and product packaging. It also includes magazine and catalog design and layout and creating annual reports. The content for your website and even your stationary must include elements from a graphic artist. This is the foundation of what I do as a professional.


The text content for all of your promotional materials and media is referred to as "copy." Creative writing for your brochures, website and even your YouTube video or broadcast commercial will be written by skilled and extremely talented people who understand that the research required to effectively articulate your message is paramount. We are meticulous and attentive to every small detail when it comes to your interests, and we will work with your legal advisor where necessary.

Marketing & Events

Determining your target market and expansions, and locating them - to introduce yourself - Developing campaigns to drive traffic to your online venues - Taking advantage of the latest technologies like NFC (Near Field Communications) and QR Codes to start - Trade and cyber events may be a consideration to go where the traffic is, or to bring them to you.

Promotion | Maintenance

At the very beginning we will determine what might be required to sustain your system once in place. Your website for example might be created from the very start with the idea that it will be maintained in-house. If maintenance is required however, we have three plans available that are structured to facilitate whatever budget or frequency you may require. We don't just leave you unsupported - I will always be there - in whatever capacity you may need - to support you however, and for however-long, you may need it.